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Fullstack Developer

As a full-stack developer, I am a highly skilled professional with expertise in both frontend and backend development. I have a deep understanding of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as frameworks like Vuejs for frontend development. On the backend, I am proficient in languages like PHP(LARAVEL), and have experience with databases and technologies like SQL. I have a track record of designing and developing complete web applications, from concept to deployment, ensuring seamless integration between the client-side and server-side components. With strong problem-solving and communication skills, I excel in collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver robust and user-friendly web solutions.

// About Me

Fullstack developer!

I am a skilled php Laravel and Vue.js full-stack developer with a strong track record in web development. My expertise lies in building robust back-end systems using Laravel and creating dynamic user interfaces with Vue.js. I have collaborated with a diverse range of companies, from startups to established enterprises, and have consistently delivered high-quality code. With a focus on clean coding practices and effective communication, I am dedicated to driving the success of projects.



Laravel Livewire


Tailwind css



SQL Server






Design patterns


Database Analysis

Database Design

Problem Solving






Web Development

System, web applications, websites using HTML5, CSS3, Vue js, Laravel framework, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL.

Product Design

Modern website, e-commerce, CMS, custom websites and creates sites that increase user engagement

System coding

System coding means taking care about how to structure of system code using functions, classes and packages.

// My Journey


1996-2000 - Cairo, Egypt

Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science - The Higher Institute For Technological Studies

A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science is a rigorous program that provides students with a solid foundation in computer science principles and practical skills. Students learn programming languages, algorithms, data structures, software development methodologies, and computer systems. The curriculum covers diverse areas such as database management, operating systems, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. Graduates of this degree program are well-equipped for various career opportunities in technology, software development, and other industries, with roles ranging from software engineers to systems analysts or web developers.

2023-2023 - Cairo, Egypt

ISTQB - expleo

has completed the training ISTQB, or the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, is a global organization dedicated to advancing software testing standards and practices. Established in 2002, ISTQB operates as a non-profit organization, bringing together industry experts and professionals to develop and maintain a universally recognized certification scheme for software testers. The board provides a comprehensive set of certifications at different levels, ranging from Foundation to Expert, covering various aspects of software testing knowledge and skills. ISTQB certifications are widely acknowledged in the software development industry, fostering a common understanding and language for software testing professionals worldwide.

2022-2023 - Cairo, Egypt

Azure fundamentals, Azure AI - Microsoft

has completed the training, In my studies of Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, I learned about its extensive suite of services that encompass computing, storage, networking, databases, and more. Azure provides a scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure, allowing organizations to deploy, manage, and scale applications seamlessly. With a global network of data centers, Azure facilitates high availability and disaster recovery, ensuring reliable and resilient operations. Additionally, Azure supports a wide range of programming languages, operating systems, frameworks, and devices, making it a versatile choice for diverse application development and deployment scenarios.

2023-2023 - Cairo, Egypt

ITIL - itida - secc

has completed the training workshop, The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an IT service management framework that outlines best practices for delivering IT services. ITIL’s systematic approach to IT service management (ITSM) can help businesses manage risk, strengthen customer relations, establish cost-effective practices, and build a stable IT environment that allows for growth, scale, and change.

2022-2022 - Cairo, Egypt

ITSM - itida - secc

has completed the training workshop ( it services management ), encompasses all elements of managing information technology services, including planning, designing, building, implementing, deployment, improvement and support for both internal and external stakeholders with a goal to consistently improve services to best meet business objectives.

2019-2019 - Cairo, Egypt

COBIT - itida - secc

has completed the training workshop, COBIT, or Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies, is a framework designed to help organizations govern and manage their information and technology processes effectively. Through my study of COBIT, I gained insights into establishing a framework for IT governance, aligning IT goals with overall business objectives. The framework emphasizes the importance of risk management, resource optimization, and performance measurement to ensure the delivery of value from IT investments. COBIT's structured approach has equipped me with the knowledge to assess and improve IT processes, enhancing overall business performance and accountability in the use of technology resources.


2013-Present - Cairo, Egypt

Web/Application Developer - Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

  • Develop an application for planning. The government program is based on the methodology of balancing programs and performance, and includes specific strategic goals and clear implementation programs, including performance and cost indicators for each program, which allows for monitoring and measuring results.
  • development an competition application for Cairo Water Week conference, The applicant can record the research and upload the files related to the research in any of the selected competitions, and the admin hires the reviewer on the research, then the reviewer adds the evaluation, then writes the comment, then publishes.
  • development an application for structures to follow up maintenance And all the data pertaining to the structure.
  • development an application for Ownership licensing application.
  • development an application for structures to follow up maintenance And all the data pertaining to the structure.
  • development an application for water distribution to follow up levels.
  • development an application to follow up the rehabilitation works of the canals.
  • development an application for displaying Telemetry data.
  • development an application HR management system.
2005-2011 - Cairo, Egypt

Web/Application Developer - SMART Xerox Partners

Directed a team of PC Technicians, a Network Administrator / Analyst, and two Help Desk personnel in the management of all facets of information technology for this 2000 person financial planning firm. Networking: Planned and integrated a 6-office Windows 2000 Server Domain with over 20 computers. Administered primary and back-up domain controllers, file servers, print servers, proxy server, and e-mail server. Introduced thin client technology through dial-in connection for remote administration. Computer Network Security: Implemented policies for employee use of Internet and e-mail. Utilized Geotech Firewall and monitored proxy server.

Applications Achievements:

I have created an online customer data system that enables efficient tracking of customer invoices and maintenance records for copiers and printers. This system provides a user-friendly interface for inputting, storing, and retrieving customer data, ensuring easy access to relevant information. By incorporating advanced features and functionalities, such as invoice generation, search options, and maintenance scheduling, the system streamlines the management of customer invoices and machine maintenance processes. This online solution enhances overall operational efficiency, facilitates accurate record-keeping, and improves customer satisfaction.

2008-2009 - USA, California

Web/Application Developer - Travel Agent US Karma Travel

I have successfully created websites for various companies, catering to their specific needs and objectives. By understanding their business requirements, I designed and developed custom websites that effectively represented their brand and provided a seamless user experience. Additionally, I integrated reservation systems into these websites, allowing customers to easily book and manage their trips. This combination of web development and reservation functionality has helped companies streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

2003-2013 - Cairo, Egypt

IT system Engineer - Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Technical Support: Provided technical support and end-user training to internal and external customers on network, software, and computer systems

Applications Achievements:

development an application for HR management system .

2017-2022 - Cairo, Egypt


  • Build and Deploy E-commerce Website with payment method Stripe Checkout & Orders , Admin Panel, API, Create Reports.
  • development an Application for Medical Tests centers.
  • development API - Movies Application.
  • development Library management system and evaluation books by stars.

// My Skills

# Coding Skills



















SQL Server


# Professional Skills

90% Team Work
80% Creativity
90% Web Development
80% Communication
80% UI Design
83% Problem Solving



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